Less Is More: How a Dividing Wall Column Maximizes LPG Recovery

Refiners are challenged when recovering LPG from mixed fuel gas streams due to the difficulty of separating lighter component from bulk gas. Many valuable components may be lost to a fuel stream or flare. For maximum profitability, crude oil components must be directed to the optimum disposition, especially with an increase in LPG demand and the supply of lighter crudes.

There are many processes available for LPG recovery, either through cryogenic or absorption systems. These conventional technologies have major challenges in trying to maximize the recovery of LPG range material beyond 95wt%, while simultaneously being highly energy efficient. This document provides in-depth details of a novel new system that addresses these concerns, including a case study comparing the ‘old’ system with the ‘new’. Key to the new technology is the use of a dividing wall column to overcome the inherent inefficiency associated with traditional methods of processing fuel gas for LPG recovery. 


Find out how this new process solution provides several advantages and benefits over conventional cryogenic or non-cryogenic LPG recovery processes.

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