How a Dividing Wall Column Maximizes LPG Recovery

It’s a challenge for refiners to recover LPG from mixed fuel gas streams. One reason is the difficulty of separating lighter components from bulk gas. Many times, valuable components are lost to a fuel stream or flare. A key element in maximizing LPG recovery and lowering energy consumption is a dividing wall column (DWC). The DWC process can overcome the inherent inefficiency associated with the traditional methods of processing fuel gas for LPG recovery.

GT-LPG MAX℠ is a process developed by Sulzer GTC using DWC technology to optimize the overall operation and enhance C3+ recovery. The DWC can separate a multi-component feed into three or more streams within a single column. The deethanizer and depropanizer columns in a traditional LPG recovery system are replaced with one column using a dividing wall to achieve as high or higher 3+ recovery as a conventional design. As a result, both capital investment and operating costs for grassroots and revamped applications are reduced.


Find out how a Dividing Wall Column can provide a unique solution in obtaining multiple high purity products with a wider range of feed classifications.

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